What is Blue and Why?

This is a grassroots email campaign to get Penn State to let seniors attend the Blue and White game on Saturday, April 17.

How does this work?

Hundreds of students, alumni, and community members will send emails to Sandy Barbour (Penn State's Athletic Director), urging her to invite seniors to the Blue and White game. Each email will also cc some high-level Penn State donors and journalists, who may be interested in seniors getting excluded.

How can I stay updated?

Text "WHY" to (775) 252-5729 to receive updates on this drop and future projects.

What else can I do to help?

Encourage your friends to send emails by sharing this website and our post on Instagram!

Isn't this a little...much?


What happens if PSU doesn't let seniors in?

We will hold a protest tailgate outside the game, of course. Text "WHY" to (775) 252-5729 to get more details about this.

Who created this?

We are Dark Paw, a group of Penn State student technologists and artists who build cool stuff to shake things up at Penn State. If you want to follow our stuff, follow us on Instagram @bewarethepaw or text us at (775) 252-5729. We drop new projects every week.